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First Android Phone. Any tips?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MrCanuck, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. MrCanuck

    MrCanuck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone. I just bought my first Android phone (Infuse 4g). I have had iPhone's before. Any tips or suggestions for this phone would be appreciated. I just left the Apple (iOS) world and joined Android (feeling like a big time noob). lol

  2. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Android Enthusiast

    Good job on the switch. When i found out how good android is, i have never looked back. Search around xda and here, for tips on the phone. I would say where, but it seems to change everyday. If you have any questions, feel free to post a thread on it, and one of us will be glad to help.
  3. fkrepubligion

    fkrepubligion Lurker

    Return it and buy either the Samsung Galaxy II from AT&T or the Nexus S 4G..google provides all the updates, so it stays on top.
  4. Lombardi

    Lombardi Well-Known Member

    Lol return it get experia arc.
  5. judisohn

    judisohn Lurker

    I'm a few months ahead of you. I also left the iPhone world and the Infuse is my first Android phone.

    My advice would be to take it slow. I'm still lost a lot of the time but it's becoming more comfortable now. I'm getting a bit more adventurous with different lock screens and customizations. At first I stuck with defaults until I learned my way around.

    I love how easy it is to get this phone to do exactly what I want it to do without having to constrain myself to Apple's rigid rules. I love the different notification sounds. I love how well integrated it is with Google Voice and other Google products.

    I don't love the Voice Dialing. I've had it work maybe 2x to correctly call a contact instead of searching for a name on the web instead. That worked so much better on the iPhone. I've also had some trouble in getting the headset buttons to work for more than just phone calls. Little things like that. Annoyances, not deal breakers.

    Good luck, you'll get the hang of it faster than you realize.
  6. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Android Enthusiast

    The Galaxy S2 is all Samsung, not google. it just may be updated more frequently, because it will be samsungs best selling phone, but thats it. The Nexus will be, but that is old hardware, even compared to the Infuse. Anything with Nexus in it is Google's trademark, making it top priority to them. If you really want the newest of everything, then just install a rom. That is what I did. In fact, with my new rom when overclocked, I have the best gaming scores of any tablet or phone. Even better then the mighty GS2.
  7. MrCanuck

    MrCanuck Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I am taking it "slow", and I am starting to get the hang of it. So far, I don't miss my iPhone. Android seems to be more "flexible" so far :)
  8. surlypoker

    surlypoker Well-Known Member

    Agreed.. My friends with iphone are 50/ 50 on their likes/ dislikes... And even the fanboys that show me their apps and i can show them the same app or equal that i got for free they get frustrated... And what apple will never do that we can is totally personalize ur phone make it look like anything u want...
  9. Lombardi

    Lombardi Well-Known Member

    Yea, I never considered the iphone just cuz I think its a stupid name for a phone, but my friend said the other day u had to pay for all the apps?? I'm thinking how stupid is that? My home screen is so customized, people want to look at it and try it but they can't cuz I have everything moved around the way I like it.
  10. surlypoker

    surlypoker Well-Known Member

    To my northern canuck friend.. Keep it slow at first... Even in the market alone there are a ton of great apps listed in the free sections.. Once u get familiar to the setup it will do anything u want.. Or like ive stolen from apple.. If u cant do it now.. 'theres an app for that'
  11. surlypoker

    surlypoker Well-Known Member

    Its kinda like rule 34... If theres not an app just talking about it somewhere someone is coming up with that app...
  12. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Android Enthusiast

    How can you get new lock screens? Are they in the market? I'm not rooted.
  13. Lombardi

    Lombardi Well-Known Member

    Go launcher, and launcher ex. I don't use these screens though...

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