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First CES info on verizon androids.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kraze0g, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast
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    finally news leaked for those on verizon network, thought i'd share. and looks like verizon is gonna be either hit or miss. we are NOT getting a new HTC Passion this early as some thought, it seems that verizon has a close relationship with motorola so you better get used to it ;\

    As i've stated before i follow the feeds on these new early android phones, and basically, its been pretty much confirmed that HTC's only focus right now is the Nexus One. It is HTC's pride and glory as it will be completely 'googlized' and will only be avaliable on the t-mobile network (figures since they have been together the longest).. so as far as i know and what i've been reading, goodbye htc rumors for verizon this early in the year. They also stated the the droid eris will become quote "long in the tooth" once this new device is launched.

    Bigger news is with motorola (the only company that seems to have any relationship right now with CES and verizon) will be releasing a new android based phone for AT&T with oled screen and physical keyboard but will lack many basics such as 2.0 OS, instead running on 1.6.

    For us verizon users, it is also stated this morning that motorola "may announce" (yes they will) a second android phone for verizon wireless. forget about the droid devour, this phone is rumored to have ONLY a soft keyboard, no hardware keyboard. Could this be the sholes that have been rumored? images have been leaked so be sure to check it out. the phone is also supposed to pack a punch with 800mhz and has a more consumer friendly design with rounded edges. Also comes packed with a 8megapixel camera! Earlier reports said that the next motorola phone was going to be 'little brother droid', the devour. Boy, would this be a laughing stock. That thing belongs somewhere in toys 'r us!

    the fact that htc is now moving away from its only 'google phone' to compete with the world and instead teaming with t-mobile is a bit sad for many do not like motorola. but its going to be something we may have to live with for awhile.

    This is heartbreaking for me because I was going to pick up the Droid today (30th), but now I want to see about this new motorola phone coming to verizon. If its the sholes and the leaked pictures are correct, it looks like a very nice device running 2.1.

    Verizon/Motorola will be holding the announcement on the 6th of January (day after the release of the nexus one, who would have guessed). I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    I hope some of you find this information interesting. if you want more information, go to google and look up new verizon android phone (might even want to throw motorola in there) and look at the LATEST news.

    I guess we've been hit by some good and bad news for verizon.

    One question for people who usually follow CES, when an announcement of a new phone is put up, how long does it usually take for the phone to hit the market? Do they ever make a definite release date for the phone? is there ever a set pattern from CES to the release?

  2. sarahbante

    sarahbante Lurker

  3. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    I still don't get why google and HTC is shooting verizon in the foot. Verizon is the one that helped but android to new hights of popularity not T-mobile. Can we please get our passion!
  4. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast
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    yeah, 27% increase in consumer knowledge of the android OS simply because of the droids marketing gave google the push they needed.

    i just hope they give a release date for this next phone, and not some Q1 B.S.

  5. gangster28

    gangster28 Lurker

    I would like to know when they the keyboard on the droid,anybody heard any rumers?
  6. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    I hope you're wrong about the vzw android phone but I'm not surprised and until confirmed I hate to saythat I'm not surprised. Droid will be king off the heap for vzw for the foreseeable future. with the google phone coming out I think that htc will suit on that device for at least two quarters before releasing any new devices. This hopefully means os upgrade for us droid owners sooner rather than later.
  7. gangster28

    gangster28 Lurker

    thanks for the reply, we will just wait and see.

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