First Charge / Battery Question


I received a new Galaxy Note 10.1. This is my first tablet and I noticed it came about half charged, so I decided I would let it drain before giving it a full charge. (been out of the tech game for a while and back in the day everything came uncharged with the big thing being just to give it a full charge. Not used to getting things pre-charged).

Turns out it says I should have given it a full charge right away. I'm just wondering if it'll make a noticable difference to the battery life or am I just being paranoid? I don't really care about a few % here and there, I'm just worried that if it'll take off 10+%.



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Best practice is not to discharge these batteries completely. Keep it above 20% and you will be fine. If you are ok with htat, you can also preserver the battery's health by not charging it up fully, but up to 90%. If ou cannot do that, just charge as you please. By the time battery health goes bad, you will be using another tablet anyway.


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Are you stuck in the 1990s? There is no need to drain batteries anymore and you basically might have fecked your battery up.


Your battery will be fine as the Note will shutdown well before the battery is completely depleted. In general it`s better not to deep discharge these types of battery, keep them topped up when you can. When on the go and the Note does fully discharge the battery, don't overly worry as the battery is designed to work in this situation. The battery is designed to last literally thousand`s of charge/discharge cycles, by fully draining and fully charging a cycle is basically consumed each time, by regularly topping up the battery this process is slowed.

Best advice is use your, Note and enjoy it, charge it when you can, don't deliberately fully discharge the battery (as you are needlessly consuming cycles) and it will last for several years without issue. If you feel the battery meter reading is inaccurate, then a full discharge can help to bring it back in line with the batteries actual capacity.


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I have an question regarding my HTC One.

If I charge it switched on, wait for it to fully charge, and then switch it off, it continues to charge for another 20 mins or so. What's going on? How come there is such a difference in rom and firmare charging? I thing I may be living in the 90's.