First phone since 2014 need help


I recently bought a C5 pro after my S2 plus died (well I threw it against the wall). I had a Xiaomi Note 4x for about a week but returned it due to it's size and weight, it was a great phone and apart from notifications not showing up on some apps (despite following instructions to turn them on), it was top notch.

I like the C5 Pro but these samsung phones are not how I remember. I was able to navigate and change some stuff but there are other options and settings I cant seem to figure out myself. Any help would really be appreciated.

Firstly, this was supposed to ship with Nougat, it says on the settings menu it's Andriod 6.01. There don't seem to be any options to upgrade, all it says all the software is up to date.

Now some general random things I would like help with:

- Invert menu color. On my old S2 i was able to change the menus and drop down from white to black using a similar setting. This on the C5 Pro inverts all colors including outside of the menus and wallpapers and stuff.

- My phone shipped with headphones but only with one pair of earpieces. Is this normal now, I can't see if they include them in any of the unboxing vids or reviews for recent phones.

- Is there a way to use the fingerprint sensor (which kind of sucks on this phone) to unlock specific apps that I've locked. I have andromoney that I was able to unlock on my Xiaomi with my fingerprint and I kind of got used to it.

- I download an app that scrolls the wallpaper when you go through the different pages on the screens and apps and stuff. I also have an app that makes the fingerprint reader respond to taps that can be assigned a function, in this case I just have to tap it to go back to the home screen (yeah I'm that lazy). Will these apps take up a lot of ram or battery power? They run all the time but I'll turn them off if they drain too much power.

-I also downloaded an app to keep the soft keys turned off. I can't seem to find the setting on the menu anywhere.

-Is there a shortcut for the torch/flashlight that I can assign?

- In the gallery, for the pics taken by the camera, I can't seem find photographic details like f/stop, shutter speed and all that....

Thanks guys