Accessories first post and case option


Hey everyone,

was wondering if anyone has tried this case

Motorola Droid X MB810 Premium Black Holster Pouch Case - eBay (item 230582545161 end time Feb-12-11 18:37:13 PST)

Im looking for a carrying solution and i like the oem leather side case, but see a lot of complaints about the magnet. Also since this case looks a tad bigger i was hoping this would fit with my tpu case on(its also sold for the evo hence why i beleive it is slightly larger) I also like the fact it has belt loop since i end up breaking every clip off when i sit in chairs or on my seat belt in the car.
I know i can download "dock nothingness" but i have the multimedia and car dock so i really dont want to have to go in and change setting just to dock.
your help is greatly appreciated!!