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Support First time Android User - Droid X Questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sooner2k1, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. sooner2k1

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    Jun 14, 2010
    Hello Everyone,

    I just switched over from my iPhone 3GS (iPhone & iPhone 3G before that). The switch was coming every since Apple decided to start telling me what I do and don't want in a phone. They apparently knew I wouldn't want flash, they apparently knew that most people don't like multi-tasking, and they apparently knew that it was in the customers best interest to keep the phone screen small.

    Well now i'm with Verizon using the Moto X and I'm much happier. While the inner nerd in me is excited about all the options on the Android platform, there is a slight learning curve.

    Below are some of the questions I have. Maybe other new Android users have them.


    Apps -

    1) Why do some that you turn off using Advanced Task Killer seem to resume from the dead a little bit later.
    2) Does killing an App with ATK stop functionality that you will need with the app closed. For example if I kill email or messaging when I close out of them, will that stop me from getting new emails or text messages?
    3) Do the "NEWS" and auto updating widgets (weather) make your battery drain much faster?

    Media -

    1) Best syncing App? doubleTwist?
    2) When you sync media to the Droid X does it put it all in folders and assign albums/artist, etc.. for you?

    Messaging / Email -

    1) Is there any way to see (similar to apple) how many unread emails or messages you have on your screen widget?


    Droid X Question

    1) Will there be more cases coming from more reputable case makers?
    2) Is anybody else experiencing an odd speaker noise when listening to loud callers or automated voicemail systems? Every time I call Verizon my phone speaker (ear, not speakerphone) scratches or makes a weird vibration/buzz when the person speaks loudly. It makes me worry that I got a loose or blown speaker.

    Those are all I have for now. I have searched the forums for these answers, and while some are discussed (battery life, ATK, etc..) Just hoping for more simple beginner answers.

    Thanks everyone.


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