First time dropping phone and it lands right on the screen.

The screen is shattered which sucks. It's still usable but looks horrible. I have insurance on it so I have some questions as to the whole procedure i'll have to go through when I bring it to verizon.

1: Does my insurance cover if I drop it?
2: Do I have to get a new phone or can they send it in and get the screen fixed?
3: Do I have to pay for a new phone? If so will they then send me a new one and let me keep my old one so I still have a phone while I wait?

It sucks because I've never dropped it, and it was just my luck that it falls right on the screen.


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1. yes
2. you'll get a different phone
3. $90. they will send you a different one, and you have to send back the old one within 10 days of receiving it.

go to to make the claim


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Real Simple Process. Usually next day shipping. I know with my last phone, I used insurance and put in a claim late Wednesday evening and had a new phone in hand by Thursday evening. They are pretty impressive. Just sucks you have to pay $90 but its worth it.


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I made an insurance claim on my x due to dropping it out of my pocket while riding my atv and running it over. Asurion had a brand new replacement here next day. When that was defective due to a dead button, they had a brand new replacment for the replacement here the next day. I can't say enough about it, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Although I got a brand new phone, they do use refurbs, so keep that in mind. It is ok though, I got a refurbed droid 1 from there last year and it was perfect in all respects.

So, rest assured, you will be hooked up.


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I have never had a bad experience with the insurance. I've dropped phones down stairs, in water, etc. Just put in the claim and done.


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damn dropped my phone twice on wed. 1 on concrete, then a full beer got spilled on it and then i dropped in on a hard stone floor. no damage from anything, think i got lucky lol.


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damn dropped my phone twice on wed. 1 on concrete, then a full beer got spilled on it and then i dropped in on a hard stone floor. no damage from anything, think i got lucky lol.

Naw, I think the op was just unlucky. I think these experiences are the exception. I dropped this current phone face down in my driveway... not a mark on the screen and just a scuff on one corner.


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Thanks for all the replies. I guess my last question is whats the best way to back up my phone? Non root

Install AppBrain from Market, then go to and login with the Google account you used for your phone. When you open the AppBrain app and sync it, your apps will be on appbrain, available for downloading to your new phone after an install of AppBrain.

Also, many apps, like Launcher Pro, and Folder Organizer (ones I use), allow you to export your settings to the SD card so you can quickly restore them after a reset.

Here's how to restore your apps after a reset or new phone, using AppBrain:


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This is one of the most rugged phones without a case that I've ever had. Not that I'm insinuating that cases are not necessary, but I've dropped my phone a dozen times already (Active X case gets here tomorrow), and the only mark on it is on one of the corners when I accidentally flung it onto the concrete patio out back. Every other fall happened on hardwood floor, and the hardwood was no match for the X's metal exterior.

I will feel much better once my case gets here though, because with every mishap I kicked myself for not having my current case on it when it fell, until I picked it up, inspected it, and found it to have taken the fall extremely well. I have the leather case with the kickstand, which I really liked when I first got it. But then I checked out my buddies EVO with a Seidio Rugged case on it and really fell for the contemporary look of that case. Made me hate my leather case after I saw his phone in that case.

Should be here by 11 am tomorrow.... wihoo!!!! :D


i dropped mine too the other day. got a nice crack in the screen now. fell outta my pocket right onto the rocks in the backyard. great way to start a morning.


one other quick question... if i do claim my phone and get a new one sent to me, can i put insurance on the new phone as well? even if its refurbished?