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First time Samsung Vibrant user, beginners questions...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jmarston, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. jmarston

    jmarston Newbie
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    Folks, been searching for a while here, and was hoping to get a few questions out there in a cumulative fashion. i know i know, ive used the search button, but forgive me if im one of a million posters who've done this...

    1. Is the samsung vibrant the same as the galaxy s? just for clarification, regarding accessories et al, im assuming they are both different. correct?

    2. Text messaging with my old phone had an inbox, outbox, etc, and in this case, ive been using this phone it comes up like a forum conversation.
    a. im assuming this is the default way of texting nowadays? Sorry first android phone.
    b. if a message does not send, is there a way to 'push' the message?

    3. Im currently using launcherpro, and in regards to such, do these 'programs' take up a lot of memory using?

    4. In regards to the widgets, aside from updating, do they eat up a lot of memory, thus possibly the battery life?

    5. im currently with Tmobile, and have a $25 data plan... im not handling the expenses, so im not particularly keen on this...im trying to avoid using my dataplan, and have accessed the net using flight mode on, and use wifi. my questions would be,
    a. if i turn my flight mode off, and use wifi, im assuming that im still using the dataplan, correct?
    b. with regards to turning my flight mode on and off, ive noticed it 'updating time' and all, most of the time. does that once again use my data plan?

    i dont use facebook or tweet et al, so im just trying to be frugal about data usage. ive currently have the widget to watch my plan... but as always, being careful is always a good thing.

    once again apologies if most of these questions were answered.

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  2. The Galaxy S is a line of phones, meaning that each carrier has their own variation of it, but the insides are the same as well as the screen. The Vibrant is T-Mobiles version (the best one in my opinion).

    The default conversation mode for text messaging is the most favored, but you can go into your settings and look at individual inbox and outbox caches.

    The widgets themselves are not going to take up any extra battery. However, if you are running a program in the background that the widget corresponds to, then battery life will decrease. Be wary of certain apps you download, some have bugs and glitches that KILL battery life and phone performance.

    If you are worried about the data plan, there really is no point in having the limited one. You might as well upgrade and spend the extra $20 per month for unlimited if you really want to get everything you can out of your new phone. The Vibrant is such a powerful phone, its almost shocking. To not use it to it's full potential is a waste if you ask me.. Just saying...

    However, the more you use the web, WiFi, GPS, etc., the faster the battery will drain. (totally worth it though)
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  3. jmarston

    jmarston Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for clearing that part up! i kinda saw the difference, in i think at&t's version, but the phone itself is physically different. nonetheless, this is a great clarification. :)

    May i kindly ask how? i also read that apparently, some messages get sent to the wrong recipient. it can be user error, but if coming from two or three individuals, i was a tad concerned. Nonetheless, ive deleted my 'threads'. :)

    Thank you! i was just wondering about this, and appreciate the kind gesture.

    Thanks, but i guess im a tad concerned about it. i am tho, thankful for the responses. :)

    Got it.

    Again, thanks for the help. i plan to keep this phone, and as all new gadgets, try to take care of it to last for the long run.

    Much appreciated!
  4. no problem!

    To access the folder view style of texing.

    When you are on the screen that shows you ALL your conversations, press the menu button on the lower left of the phone (not the screen). After the menu pops up, Click "folder view" and you can select your inbox our outbox. If you then hit the home button the setting should stay the same so the next time you open messaging, it should still be on your inbox.

    As for accidentally texing other people. Yes, it is a known issue with the phone. No one really knows why or how it happens but it does. Best bet is to clear conversations each day or at least regularily.

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