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Five-Card Poker Game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gkproggie, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. gkproggie

    gkproggie Lurker
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    Hey Guys,
    Just joined the forums after a few months of reading posts. I wanted to share with you guys a project I worked on this summer, which involved learning Java along with Android OS and I came up with a five-card poker game. Its nothing amazing, but its playable lol.


    Click Here to Download

    Also started a blogger where I will be posting some algorithms I write along my college career:

    Go to GKproggy

    Thanks guys and enjoy. If any of you have any issues with game let me know. I have a feeling graphics might be screwed up on higher resolution phones (tested on HTC hero). If there is enough interest in the source code, I can probably make it available. :)

  2. waka0026

    waka0026 Lurker

    hi dude..i am doing my final year project. i am doing a card game and am a novice in android programming. grateful if you can get back to me..
  3. Jonathan06

    Jonathan06 Lurker

    Can you update your download link please?

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