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FIVE Things That You Must Do With Honor 5X!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Honor, Mar 5, 2016.

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    Honor 5X is featured by a sparkling and elegant metal body--the first model with a metal body in Honor series.

    1) 5.5-inch FHD1080P black waterfall screen that shows beautiful pictures.
    2) Qualcomm 64-bitcapable octa-core CPU that guarantees fast and smooth operation.
    3) 13-mega pixel rear camera and a 5-mega pixel front camera, Smart Camera 3.0
    4) Three card slots with stronger compatibility.
    5) Equipped with fingerprint sensor 2.0 that is faster and more accurate.
    6) Its integrated sound cavity provide supreme acoustic fidelity and its 3000mAh large-capacity battery plus Smart Power Manager 3.0 that ensure long battery life.

    Thank you for purchasing the all new Honor 5X! Before you continue to get to know your new phone

    better, it is crucial that you do the following just to ensure that all the necessities are available. Let us begin!

    1>Firmware Upgrade
    As we continue to roll out new updated software, they not only improve user experience, but ensure that your Honor 5X is in its best experience possible.

    Operation procedures: Connect to stable Wi-Fi, enter Settings -> Updater -> Check for updates.

    2>Fingerprint Settings
    Fingerprint 2.0 takes about 0.5-seconds to unlock your mobile.

    Operation procedures: Tap Settings >Fingerprint ID >Fingerprint Management >PIN >Input.

    3>Constant Connection To Wi-Fi
    By Default, your Wi-Fi will be constantly connected to your network although it is locked and charging. Should you require to set it according to your best usage patterns!

    Operation procedures: Settings -> WLAN -> Menu -> Advanced settings -> Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.

    4>Upgrade & Download Apps
    Start downloading your favourite apps from the Google Play Store! Should you require more, the Play Store has Huawei's own apps built for Android that will enable you to access the best for your mobile. For example, downloading the Huawei Wear app will enable you to use the app to link with your Huawei wearable devices including the Huawei Watch, TalkBand B2, and Honor Band Z1.

    5>Syncing Your Contacts
    Should you require to syncronise your data from your previous mobile phone, using Bluetooth.

    Operation procedures:Enter Contacts >Import Contacts >Another Phone > Supports Bluetooth

    If your previous mobile phone does not support Bluetooth, you are able to proceed with the same option by selecting the Does not Support Bluetooth action and proceeding by transferring your contacts through your SIM Card.

    6>Syncing Network Date & Time
    Depending on the settings of your mobile phone, some time settings might be incorrect.

    Operation procedures: Enter Settings > Date & Time > Automatic date & time


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