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Fix 3G/UMTS network interruptions with donut and JC6 AMSS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jakax, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. jakax

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    This package replaces standard ril components.

    Download ril-no-dormant.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

    You must be root to apply it.

    Once unzipped, backup original files and then:

    adb push lib/libril.so /system/lib/
    adb push bin/rild /system/bin/
    adb push bin/radiooptions /system/bin/

    adb shell chmod 777 /system/bin/rild
    adb shell chmod 777 /system/bin/radiooptions

    This version filters an OEM Hook triggered by the donut framework modified by Donut (you should not have it using gaosp), indicating that app processor enters dormant phase (see "ENTER DORMANCY" in logcat -b radio).
    It turns out that on latest AMSS, it just causes network interruptions for seconds, if not minutes.

    This version returns unsupported request/invalid response for the hook, and 2 unimplemented requests on I7500 (libsec-ril.so).

    radiooptions is also included if you want to perform some radio related functions.

    Note that it should be possible to apply a similar fix by modifying the framework instead.
    It also contains a fix for manual selection by drakaz:
    Commit b9ea7c1481c4cf3f6870ff8a8562f1e44aeb5059 to drakaz's gaosp_hardware_ril - GitHub

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  2. Frojd

    Frojd Member

    I've been looking for a fix for this for over half a year, I really hope this is it! You are a great contributor to the galaxy community, thanks. :)
  3. inFECT

    inFECT Android Enthusiast

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  4. MichaelW

    MichaelW Android Enthusiast

    Interesting! I had gone back to the official O2 UK IK4 AMSS, but will have to try JC6 again.
  5. Andronix

    Andronix Android Enthusiast

    tnx jakax. is this part of latest galaxo?
  6. Obihoernchen

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