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Fix: Can't select Google TTS voice by default, only Engine + Lang, so have to set ea. time!!!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Tristan Raghnall, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. Tristan Raghnall

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    One of the supreme annoyances of Google TTS is that although the voices are fabulous, the way you select them is awful! You can only select the engine and Language by default (i.e., UK ENG) but not the voice (in my case, preferred is "en-gb-x-rjs#male_3-local). So every single time I open my eReader, I have to change the voice from the UK one it defaults to to my preferred. Very few ereaders, etc., allow selecting to the level of the voice, and I've tried many. I've stayed with my favourite reader, PocketBook, which doesn't go down that far.

    Does anyone know if any sort of workaround?

    I know that when I purchased Cereproc William a couple years back, yes, since it's a single voice and contained, so it's easy to select as the default and it works all the time. However, it only works on one of my devices, and the other which is on another account, it doesn't. I refuse to buy it again.

    Any help appreciated to be able to select the exact voice and have it become the default all around? Perhaps there's an app in the playstore, or something, that will fix this issue. I've lived with this for 2 years but now that I'm using the read-aloud features of Android more (esp. during this period of isolation because of Covid-19), want to fix this once and for all.

    Thanks for any help in this regard!


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  2. Tristan Raghnall

    Thread Starter


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