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FIX for application htc sense process com.htc.launcher

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by donelt, May 16, 2010.

  1. donelt

    donelt Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I got this on my 4-week old Desire today. Here's what I did to resolve WITHOUT a hard reset.

    When the Force close message comes up, touch to close and the immediately click the search button on the bottom right.

    The tricky bit now is to enter 'Settings' in the search box while Force Closing the ever appearing dialog. Usually after you enter 'Set', the top selection is 'Settings' and you should be able to select it.

    Go to Personalize and set the scene to HTC and the Wallpaper to standard HTC. (Not sure if the last setting had anything to do with it but I believe it is a scene-related problem and may have been compounded by a funky live walpaper).

    When done, (and make sure you actually apply the settings), come out and you should have a working Desire again.

    If you do get this problem and whether it fixes it or not, could you post whether you have a live or standard wallpaper and whether you were using a custom scene setup?



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  2. karoxo

    karoxo Lurker

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  3. SamzSon

    SamzSon Lurker

    The first suggestion didn't work. it wouldn't let me save the HTC Scene, and when I changed the wallpaper the error would just come back. I will try the second suggestion and let you know how it went
  4. SamzSon

    SamzSon Lurker

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  5. Freddiew

    Freddiew Newbie

    I've just had this issue on my 10 days old phone. I solved it by a complete reset.
    I did not have a live wallpaper, just a photo that I took yesterday that replaced the photo that I had previously (which was also a picture that I took myself). I've changed the photo 2 or 3 times before and it wasn't a problem before.

    The only thing that happened for the first time yesterday was that
    - the battery alarm came on
    - I installed 5 new apps : Quotes of the day, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Jewels (game) Einstein's quotes
  6. Mattmann

    Mattmann Newbie

    This happened to me and the fix on that website didn't work for me... I had to hard reset from the boot menu...

    I got the error because I choose the virgin scene that appears when u insert a t mobile sim card... once I hard reset the phone, the scene is no longer there! Maybe the virgin scene has widgets and shortcuts that don't actually come on the phone?
  7. felixmoran

    felixmoran Lurker

    Hi, my Hero has, for the last day, been geting the “The Application HTC Sense (process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly” message, I've spent hours on the internet and have had no joy with any of the sugested fixes. I can't get into settings as my 'desktop' wont load, I cant search for it either, no matter how long I hold the search button down for it only brings the message again. I've tried reseting it through the boot menu, I dont think this is working because I can still see personal settings. I cant install LauncherPro because I need to change the setting in market to allow me to install it through a PC.
    Please if anyone has had this problem, or thinks they know somthing that might help, I will be so happy!
  8. rstew

    rstew Lurker

    I have Tried all of the suggestions here and I cant use my phone still.
    I have had my desire for about 2 months and had no problems until today when I deleted a app on my phone because it wasn't working and now I am getting the msg : “The Application HTC Sense (process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly” . and then tells me to force close. so I do and then it comes up again. I have tried rebooting the phone but it doesn't let me. I cant type in settings when I try the search method. it just brings up google search - Voice. so what can I do now?
  9. ahmedomar

    ahmedomar Lurker

    Hey guys
    i have now the same problem with my HTC desire and the solution doesn't work cause i can't even reach settings!
    I tried to reset to factory settings but also didn't help
    The problem occurred after installing last system update today
  10. bburg5

    bburg5 Lurker

    I know this has nothing to do with the Desire, but.......

    It worked for my HERO.....

    Many Thanks
  11. CoatTex

    CoatTex Lurker

    To Karoxo:

    Like SamzSon said, the clean, clear, and easy to understand instructions on the link you posted, http://myhtcdesire.com/tutorials/fix-the-application-htc-sense-process-com-htc-launcher-has-stopped-unexpectedly, completely solved the problems I was having with my HTC Incredible 2!

    I was getting a similar error: ActivityHTC Sense (in application HTC Sense) is not responding.
    The only option available was [Force Close] / [Wait], and soon as that was pressed, the message would appear again.

    After 3 days of cell phone hell, asking friends for help, and searching up and down forum posts, problem solved. I don't even care that I lost all of my custom home screens and will have to customize them again. 8)


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