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I have C&P this from another forum.
OP Wickedmoose over on Samsung Galaxy S forum

I like many others, had the annoying glitch where my back button would go unresponsive and if I pressed the home key it would just take a screen shot. I love Android but I was starting to wish I had gone with iPhone after this issue. I googled until my eyes were on fire and found this fix.

Here's the simple fix. Dial this into your phone *#*#2663#*#*
Then select the bottom option to updated the touch firmware.

I have a GT-1900M and it is working brilliantly now. I love it.

It's seems bizarre that dealers don't even seem to know about this and are taking back phones and replacing them left right and center.

Hope this works for everybody.
Word of warning for those of you that try this. My wifes phone was having the back button and screenshot problem so I tried this fix and now neither the back button nor the menu button will work at all. The phone is running Froyo 2.2. Tried shutting off the phone and removing the battery for 30 seconds. Also tried using the factory reset option under privacy settings. before the update the Parts Touch key FW version was 0x4, now it is 0xa9. Any help would be appreciated otherwise the phone may have to go back to the retailer as we have only had it 3 months.
Hmmm. That is strange. Mine now says Parts key FW version 0x02 and Parts key FW is 0x2.

Do you have a 1900m phone?

You can do a full factory reset by holding the volume up button + home button + power. It will boot the phone into recovery mode. From there, use the volume down button to select the factory wipe/reset option and press the home key to enter.

You may have to enter your APN data again after doing this. If that happens:

Go into settings/ mobile network settings. Check use packet data. Then go into Access Point names. You can press the menu key and select reset to default. (I don't know if that works with all service providers)

You may need to go into Mobile Networks and scan for an available network.

If you are unsure of any options in the APN settings, I would suggest calling your service provider and ask them which ones to choose.

I hope this helps you. I'm sorry that happened. I'm not sure why. I was also on Froyo 2.2 when I did the update. My phone is so so much better now. If you are able to recover your settings, maybe you would want to try the update again from a fresh system. I'll leave that in your hands though.
The model number my phone shows behind the battery is GT-I9000T. I did some searching earlier this morning and did find the 3 button reset code and tried that with the same result, both buttons still not responsive. I'm thinking I may just have to bite the bullet and take the phone back. Wickedmoose, I appreciate the suggestions very much and the attempt to help.
That's too bad. :(

Word of caution people. Make sure you have model 1900M and if you attempt this fix, it is at your own risk.

I have heard this worked for a lot of people, and this is the first problem that I have seen.

Again, make sure you have a 1900M or if you want to try another model, it may very well work, but you have been cautioned.



I did the upgrade but even if I do have a i9000M, my keys are dead... :( any way to roll back the previous version? I have :
Phone's Touch key FW version: 0x02
Part's Touch key FW version: 0xa9