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Fix for bricked Wintec Identity Tablet

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by cygnus58, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. cygnus58

    cygnus58 Lurker
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    It can be reset even if bricked without taking the cover off.
    (Pulling the battery out does nothing helpful.)
    There is a 6mb initialization file that can be found online.
    Copied to SD card and booted (with reset button) with card in slot will re-initialize to "green man".
    While green man is present (stays on screen indefinitely) second file (firmware update, 158mb i think) is then booted (reset button) from seperate SD card. (hot swap the cards)
    Connect charger before the process.
    I have done this fix after rooting and screwing with mine until it would not boot.
    A hard lesson but still a great tablet for the price.
    The firmware update should be done in any case as the original firmware was buggy.
    Many are currently available on Ebay averaging $60-$70
    good luck - hope this helps someone

    (of course this fix will not help a dead for-hardware-reasons tablet)

    link to initialization file.....e201firmware.img
    link to firmware update.....:::: IDENTITY ::::

    The initialization file is hosted on Mediafire. (not sure for how long??)
    The firmware update is on Wintec/Enspert site
    I did not have to follow instructions on Wintec/Enspert site, only as stated above :)

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