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fix idea for HTC CLOCK widget LAG

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mjz773, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. mjz773

    mjz773 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 22, 2009
    I don't know if it is just the Sprint Hero, but the big clock widget that has the weather does not update the time. I am using DC 2.05 and have had the same problem running the stock ROM as well.

    I have the transparent 2.1 flan style lockscreen so I can see the homescreen without having to unlock the phone, and unfortunetly their are 3 clocks, the lockscreen one, the one in the upper right and the HTC clock widget is in the middle and always off.

    I will give an example (It is not because of the 2.1 lockscreen either, I and many others have had this problem who are using the HTC lock screen)

    If i turn my phone on at 6:00 and send a text, and then turn it off,

    Then check an email at 6:20, when I turn my phone on I see the transparent lockscreen so I can see the lockscreen time, and the upper right time is 6:20, but the HTC clock widget is at 6:00, becasue that is the last time I turned my phone on. Then after 2-3 seconds after I unlock my phone, the HTC clock will update to 6:20.

    I know this seems reiculous but the widget takes up half of the home screen and doesn't even work right.

    I have never developed an app or anything, but think I know the problem

    I used Beautiful widgets and the main clock that shows the time and the weather always had the right time.

    The problem must be that the HTC clock does not have access to, or is not getting the time from the system when the device is off, but rather when the phone is on, it updates it. The beautiful widgets app is, and the minute will change the same time the clock in the upper right does. However, with the HTC clock, when I am on my home screen sometimes it takes 5-6 seconds to change, even when the phone is on. So if my phone was on at 6:00 and I went on the internet for 5 minutes and click home, the HTC clock would stay on 6:00 lag for 5-6 seconds and then change to 6:05. It defeats the purpose of having a big clock..
    I have searched and cannot find a fix for this, also I have had this problem when running the stock rom, and have had 2 heros, both having the problem,

    any ideas, or way to fix the widget to get system time access?


  2. joseamirandavelez

    joseamirandavelez Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2009
    Mechanical Engineer
    Puerto Rico
    i think the purpose of having a big clock on your screen is... just for showing off.

    I guess the widget works like that since its a waste of resources to update an application that is not being looked at anyways... You can see it just because you have a transparent lock screen... which is not how they expected you to use it...
  3. i VTAK

    i VTAK Android Expert

    Feb 10, 2010
    My stock Hero does the same thing. You have a small clock in the top right corner that displays accurate time. The big one is just for looking pretty, the 2-3 second lag doesn't bother me.
  4. Bakersfield89

    Bakersfield89 Newbie

    Apr 12, 2010
    Flooring Specialist
    North Adams, MA
    Yeah, I have the same issue on my stock Hero, it's only about a second of lag...but it doesn't bother me, it's more about looking cool when showing it off! Haha

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