FIX Play Store Incompatible App


Ever since I got my LG G2 I became a bit obsessed with Fifa 14. Though after a while I started getting bored because I was unable to play against other people. Only being able to play seasons, tournaments, cups and manager modes. All which are against CPU, and none against other users.

I later found out through EA customer service that there's an app called EA SPORTS Football Club . But came across the error that said "This app is not compatible with your device." I also tried looking through my pc and send it to my phone but got the same error.


I found the fix while browsing through the fix-it post at the top of the LG G2 forum called Tips [Tweeks] & Bugs with the LG G2, and how to fix them.. so I listed the fix that I found in a comment for this issue.

the fix is right here.