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fixed browser scroll lag

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gotwillk, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. gotwillk

    gotwillk Android Enthusiast
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    so i finally got fed up today with the phone being laggier than ever before. i dunno what was wrong. i wasn't using any home app. no streaming widgets on the home screen. no gps on, no wifi. no cpu intensive apps running in the background. nothing i had should really be lagging the phone in any way. but it would still get laggy for no reason sometimes. and it happens randomly. scrolling through menus. lag. swiping through screens. lag. pressing drawer tab. lag. scrolling through apps. lag. and its random. sometimes its smooth but other times its just incredibly frustrating. it gets to the point where i think the phone just crashed.

    so i figured it must be these apps i installed. but they weren't even running in the background so it made no sense. but i decided to uninstall them anyway. i decided to just uninstall all the games and apps that i dont play or use. ended up uninstalling about 15 dif things. can't remember specific ones. but after i did the uninstalls, i scrolled/swiped around and it seemed to be much smoother!! checked the browser and engadget and this site seemed to scroll much smoother. so i restarted my phone to really clean it all out just in case, and it really does seem like the browser lag was gone!!

    i used the built in android uninstaller in the applications menu to uninstall. uninstalled a bunch of sound boards and free games. not sure what app was the culprit. but i do remember having some locale sync plugin still installed even though i didnt have locale installed anymore. also uninstalled some kinda OI plugin? a plugin for OI? i also uninstalled Hi AIM. these seemed to be the most significant ones to me and what i saw as the most likely culprits. wish i had documented all my steps now because this has definitely fixed the lag problem for me. screens swipe super smooth now, menus scroll with no hiccups. browser scrolling speed is back to the way it was before 2.0.1.

  2. iamloco724

    iamloco724 Android Enthusiast

    i have the browser lag also..it would have been better if you did one app at a time and then uninstall and test so we know what was causing yours and to see if theres any relation to others problems like my self
  3. gotwillk

    gotwillk Android Enthusiast
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    ya I know. I wasn't going into it thinking it'll really fix anything because it didn't make sense to me that apps that don't get used and are not running would slow down the phone. but it worked. I really have a feeling it was one of those residual plugins that was causing the problem.

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