Help [FIXED]Call has been lost


Ok i cant make any calls today every time i try to i get "call has been lost". i am receive call and text and send text. and 3g is working fine. can some one help me

Edit: also when i goto make a call 3g drops off the comes back after the call ended its self(nvm this is normal)


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NVM I fixed it. the root of all evil was that iI imported most of my contacts from google voice and all numbers saved in good voice is as followed +1 (555) 555-5555. From some reason i have been albe to call thos numbers with +1 up until today. so all i did was edit contact and removed th +1 and bam 'O it was on. so i hope this helps some one in the long run


I am having the same issue and I know it's because +1 gives me the "call has been lost" error. But it would take forever to change all my contacts, and some that are synced through my facebook automatically have +1 in their number and I can't edit them.


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Try asking in the All Things Root sub-forum. They live and breath Modding and probably have already had some experience with solving your problem.


Had same problem. Had to remove the leading "1" to get calls thru.

Thanks... I thought I broke the phone with root.