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FIXED: Cell Standby battery drain (multiple handsets/carriers)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by pflea, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Oct 4, 2012

    Oct 4, 2012
    Hi folks,
    The cell standby battery drain problems seems to be hitting android devices across carriers, handsets and brands. This recently hit my Intel Xolo X900 as well and I have spent many frustrated weeks trying to figure it out. In the process I have found one CONFIRMED fix and one fix that I unfortunately could not try because my handset was not supported. I am describing my exact problem first, and then I will point you to the fixes.

    The problem:
    My new Intel Xolo X900. My carrier (in India) did not have a MicroSIM available over the counter. So I took the big old SIM card and I cut it up to fit the MicroSIM slot. The big old SIM was the one with the broad circuit footprint. There have been I guess several developments in SIM cards and the MicroSIM that I eventually got had a smaller circuit footprint. So, if you know what I am talking about, then remember that the SIM that I first used was the one with the big footprint.
    Anyway, the phone worked well for about a month. Then for some reason or the other, it had to go to the service center for a week. During this week, I went and got the proper MicroSIM card. When I receied the phone back from the service center, I noticed that the guys had also updated the software to the latest version - good of them! So I put the MicroSIM in and the cell standby battery drain issue started with cell standby using 60% of battery, etc. Now I had no idea whether it was an issue with the software update, or the SIM or that something had gone terribly wrong while the phone was being serviced. So I had the phone sent back and got a replacement. I tried the MicroSIM on the replacement handset with the issue still showing up. That could mean that it was either the SIM or the software update - and not the partical handset - that was the culprit.
    Now, my Xolo X900 is a new model with no root jazz for it. So, if it was a software update fault, then I was basically ready to sell the phone, count my losses, and buy a different brand. Before I did that, I tried changing the SIM card. I went back to my carrier and ordered the original Big Old SIM. I cut it up again to size and yes! The problem with cell-standby was history.

    That brings me to the first CONFIRMED fix:
    Changing to a SIM card that I changed to. I dont know what version or anything it is, but my carrier is "very" old fashioned, so I suspect that this SIM card must be far from the latest version. Folks with key knowledge about SIM cards and who know what I am referring to can help out below.

    The second fix:
    this one I could not try because my handset was not supported. But I think there is a HIGH PROBABILITY that this will work because the logic behind it seems sound.
    Basically, this person figured out that android was having trouble recognising particular new SIM cards and therefore BetterBatteryStats showd the phone to be connected to an 'Unknown Signal' even when there was a known signal present. This let the phone to divert unnecessary power to the cell radio, thus causing the Cell Standby battery drain issue. His fix is a software fix tht basically configures android to understand the new SIM cards correctly. This stops the power diversion and thus solves the issue.
    For details: search for "japan mobile Tech fix for cell standby battery drain android" and you will know where to go. I'm apparently not allowed to post links in my first post to the forum.

    There is also a third fix:
    This can be found on some other forum. This person believes that the cell standby issue is due to a typo in one of the core android configuration files which makes android believe that the battery is being drained much faster than it actually is.
    I don't really believe this is a legit fix, mainly because the battery of my phone was indeed draining faster than normal and not just pretending to drain faster than normal. So, my recommendation is to try that the last.

    That's it. I hope this will help some of you struggling with this really annoying issue.



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