Flaky wifi syncing/notfications



Has anyone else had problems with syncing over wifi? When my wifi is on at home I get a bunch of problems:
- my Gmail notifications are sporadic
- activesync Exchange fails regularly
- browser pages don't always load
- the Market has a problem downloading apps
- Weather app won't update
- some of my apps (like NewsRob) don't update

My wifi connection is good because I'm using it on my Mac with no problems whatsoever. It's almost like the Hero gets confused and can't do what it should be over wifi.

If I turn wifi off, everything syncs and works perfectly.

Carl C

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It seems like your Android Handset is having some slight issues with your wifi {Router} , I've heard this problem before and people have changed their router for a fix. Android is a bit picky with wifi :)


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I tried wifi fixer and it didn't really help, so I ended up grabbing an old Linksys router from work to replace my Belkin. That did the trick... so far so good.