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Flash 10.1 for Android 2.1 :)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NYC Coyote, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  2. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Android Enthusiast

    Link to download? I don't have an account on XDA.
  3. Jakaro

    Jakaro Android Enthusiast

    The file is actually hosted on the XDA site, you have to register,i just did in under a minute
  4. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Android Expert

    so what extra websites does this let us watch video on? i tried south park studios .com and still a no go with the stock browser.
  5. 06Stang

    06Stang Android Enthusiast

    Any improvement?
  6. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I did it, too. Here's the link for anyone not wanting to register!

    Flash for 2.1
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  7. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I did just try Hulu and even changed my browser string to show up as a desktop. Still no go :( But pretty much everything else works that I have hit
  8. killadanny

    killadanny Android Expert

    Wow, can it be? Installing now!
  9. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Android Enthusiast

    What have you been testing? I'm looking for something, but can't honestly think of what flash sites to visit! Haha.
  10. potterdood

    potterdood Android Enthusiast

    i signed up with xda to try and get this to work and I sent the link to my phone and when I downloaded it thru the email it said nothing could open it, am I missing a step?
  11. Fantasma

    Fantasma Well-Known Member

    Ustream, try to view a video by it just loading on your browser.

    Usually i would need to use Ustream APP or Skyfire app that has an external viewer that always crashes using ustream.

    Let us know how it goes.
  12. Reddog80p

    Reddog80p Android Enthusiast

    Some users are claiming that it does nothing. I've tried a few of the speedtest sites with flash lite and they are all working for me. I think I'll wait for the froyo update for full flash.
  13. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    Works great on my phone, run fast and works perfect, tested my personal site ContysDen Version 4 :)
  14. Fantasma

    Fantasma Well-Known Member

    here is another mirror just in case the other goes.


    Will wait 1 hour and see what people say about it, before I try it.
  15. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Android Expert

    it aint doing shit.
  16. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    Every site ive gone to works, try my personal site, its flash with sound, and not a movie :)
  17. Jakaro

    Jakaro Android Enthusiast

    went to atomfilms.com and tried to watch a video,, came up with "Adobe Flash - This type of Flash content is not supported."

    Don't think this works
  18. Fantasma

    Fantasma Well-Known Member

    Okay I will take it for the noob team.

    How do I install this?
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  19. killadanny

    killadanny Android Expert

    Just finished the Daily Fix @ IGN, saw Jess in her freeflowing form, cant wait for the official release.
  20. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Trying adjusting your uastring to desktop (instead of android).

    In the address bar get rid of everything including the http...... and type about:debug

    Then menu....more....settings.... scroll down to uastring and choose desktop.

    Then back out of it.

    Give it a shot.
  21. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    I put it in my drop box and installed from there, then tested my site ContysDen Version 4 with flash intro that works perfectly, and then the sites flash banner works perfect to :S

    with sounds and everything, will test more later
  22. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to.

    I tried that on my Droid, never could get it to work, but flash 10.1 is great. But no hulu, no farmville. But still, better than nothing.

    Sent from my rooted Froyo Droid using Tapatalk
  23. dan h

    dan h Member

    in order to install you need Astro
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