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Anyone else having a spot of bother? (full site version, not mobile version) - Flash controls (play/pause, ffw/rw slide bar etc) disabled.

Not all content on the regular site is available on the mobile site you see.

Also, certain TV catchup sites such as 4od or itvplayer have over 18 acknowledgements to tick before letting you watch certain programmes. These tick boxes are either unresponsive or hidden behind the flash screen = no watch :-(

I've emailed HTC with this query so we'll see... maybe.


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PS - Reply from HTC, they know nuffin as yet, check website.

Not quite the flash experience i was expecting!


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Yeah i read somewhere, where sites are still thinking your accessing from a Mobile. Which can cause some issues. I think they're working on this problem at the moment. Might get it sorted. I went to bbc iplayer and newgrounds and the flash buttons seem to work fine!


There is an option under settings to disable Mobile Web

I came here to make a thread about it, after using it to watch Scrubs on Megavideo = Mind Blown
Sure its still a bit buggy, button presses don't always work and it sometimes take a while to work, but once I got it working WOW.
Put it in fullscreen mode and let the HUD disappear, no, 0, nil Lag. VIdeo/Audio sync is perfect, unless you pause it multiple time.
Video quality is also amazing

Its better than watching MV on my PS3, I also downloaded an episode (.mp4) from Megaupload directly, downloaded in minutes, worked great!

Hopefully a patch in the next few months or an update will make things even better


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Desktop flash applications are most likely never going to work _quite_ right in a mobile browser.

The interaction model is so different (lack of a mouse pointer) that there will always be problems.


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They'd better improve.
BBC iplayer seems the best so far. The controls become active if you zoom in enough on them.
4od says connection timeout all the time. Not a clue. Over 18 tick box works now.
Itvplayer, the over 18 tick box is inactive, even when zoomed fully in on it; no show.

I force closed the stock browser & cleared the cache before trying.
This is with mobile view off.
Any ideas, similar experiences?


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Anyone got 4od working? Or itv? Or the south park site somebody asked about.
Tried different browsers but no joy.
Just BBc iplayer working.
Getting very annoying now seeing as the flash was one of the main reasons I got this phone. No further than 2 1/2 years ago on my iPhone.


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is there a huge difference between the stock flash player 10.1 i have on my DHD and the updated flash player 10.1 on the market? the stock player is only 56KB in size. the update is much bigger!


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F%*k me yeah there's a difference, download it now.
Here I am thinking this thing isn't all that (couldn't play itvplayer or 4od...), & all along you have to download it from the market.
Together with the latest SW update (.6), making it super smooth & responsive, nuffin can touch it :)