Nov 1, 2010
hi...sorry for be such a noob but i wana instal darky's 9.5 extrme(is the best rom now??) and my cellphone model is GT-i900 and my firmware is 2.2 i was thinking using the odin3 and i saw a movie:
YouTube - ‪Darky's 9.5 Extreme Edition - Installation Guide‬‏

and where did the pit file from the begining come from? i am using odin3 1.7 but i am really a noob :S can you help me guys?
Not a direct answer to your question I know, but why bother with Darky's 9.5 when he has just released version 10.1?

A full 'noobs guide' can also be found on his site!

Enjoy! :)
but is site is donw on the faqs...at least it was at yesterday and today afternoon...but some friend recomend me Simply Honey 3.5 i think i will try
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