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Flash Game Player - Play ANY Flash Game & Set Your OWN Controls [Froyo+ Testers Needed]

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Kazeari, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Kazeari

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    Need to know what doesn't work and what does work for you.
    Also what could use improvement, thanks.
    This requires flash so, you'll need Froyo and above (with Flash Plugin)
    Would Deeply Appreciate Any Feedback, Suggestions...Thank you.

    This has been tested and works 100% without crash on Galaxy S devices.

    Update History

    2/4/2011: Version 7 (1.6)
    1. Added Submit Games to Database Function.
    2. Submitted Games Are Automatically Viewable.

    2/3/2011: Version 6 (1.5)
    1. To Load to SD Card Option. Copy to /sdcard/flashgames/
    2. Minor Button Parsing Problems on New Game Loading
    3. New Feature - Load Flash Game Indirectly Through Site.



    Market URL:


    Download URL:



    !!==MUST Have Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android==!!
    !!==High End Android Device Recommended==!!

    Ever loaded a flash game only to find out that you don't have the controls to play it? You don't have to wait for a developer to port it for you. PORT IT YOURSELF. Now you can load any flash game on your SD card, online URL, or from the 2D Tsunami Database.

    ==Load ANY Flash Game (.swf)==
    > Load Game from SD Card (SD Card Required)
    - Put The .swf file inside /sdcard/flashgames/ then select New Game > SD Card > and Select your File to load from SD.
    > Online Download to your SD Card (Offline Playing Anytime)
    > Directly Online (For Flash Games URL Domain Blocking)
    > Indirectly Online through Website (For Flash Games That Do HTTP Headers Checks for Referrals)
    > Load From 2D Tsunami Database (Will Be Updated Weekly)
    > Submit to Flash Database -> 2D Tsunami Game Database

    ==Set Your Own Controls For Your Flash Game==
    > Controls Are Saved and Associated With Your Game Name
    > Game Library Stores All Games You Played For Easy Access
    > Set Game Quality For Your Device (to Optimize Speed)

    Basic Instructions:
    - Menu Button to Launch Game/Set Controls
    - Back Button to Exit Application

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  2. lob

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    Market link broken

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