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Flash is almost here for Droid!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by G.Armour, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to.
    Thread Starter

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  2. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    we thought the same thing months ago.....
  3. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

    The desire (Sense 2.1) does not have flash 10.1, it has flash lite. I've had the desire ROM on my phone, and its definitely flash lite, only works on certain websites.
  4. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to.
    Thread Starter

  5. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Sounds to me like they're trying to pull 10.1 out of it too. Are you sure it's Flash Lite?
  6. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to.
    Thread Starter

    I stand corrected, I think it is flash lite, but it sure looked like a full flash player. But even so, hulu or other flash sites and games on a Droid is still big!
  7. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    i cant wait for it either but with all the time they are taking it better be a perfect version

    yea yea i know wishful thinking
  8. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    I don't care what Flash it is. If it lets me watch Hulu, I'm satisfied.
  9. jnngill

    jnngill Newbie

    Flash Lite wont play hulu. You'll still have to wait.:(
  10. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to.
    Thread Starter

    OK, they have hulu playing on it, so it may be full flash?
  11. jnngill

    jnngill Newbie

    Good point. I had Flash Lite on my old touch pro and it wouldn't play hulu.
  12. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    i want flash so i can stream netflix!
    BucWild likes this.
  13. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Doesn't Netflix use Silverlight?
  14. Soultics

    Soultics Well-Known Member

    Adobe posted that its Flash Lite on the Desire rom, and that it won't be shipping with Flash. I just can't find where I read it, did a lot of browsing this morning.
  15. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

  16. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

    I'm afraid even a hacked version of Flash 10.1 won't help me. I want it so Sling can then come out with their client. Until Flash 10.1 hits more phones "Officially", I don't think I will see it any time soon.
  17. DjSmooth

    DjSmooth Well-Known Member

    Just give me Hulu on my Droid and I'm ready to Donate a King's Ransom...Uhh, :) Ok not that much, but I'm ready.
  18. radikal

    radikal Android Expert

    yeah, it plays any video you want from what i understand, and i have heard that its flash 10.1 beta, not a really great working version, but it does work with a lil patience
  19. Timaphillips

    Timaphillips Android Enthusiast

    Good God give me flash please! I'm so sick of facebook video links doing nothing.
  20. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    With as long as Adobe has taken to being Flash player to 64bit browsers in Windows, I am not gonna hold my breath on seeing flash on my DROID.

    Even if I do see it before the phone gets old, I won't be surprised to see it so chock full of holes that it will allow drive-by exploits of our phones left and right.

    Pretty down on Adobe right now - too many fingers in the pie and screwing things up more and more every day....
  21. radikal

    radikal Android Expert

    well adobe mobile and adobe pc is probably two divisions, so its hard to say. someone on alldroid told me that this is flash lite 4 which is essentially a beta build of 10.1, i believe
  22. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Why does flash need more than 2GB of memory? pshaw john :p

    The market isn't exactly crying out for x64 support heh, it'd be nice, but c'mon.
  23. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Right. I counter that with The Smart Phone market isn't exactly crying for Flash support either.

    Been running a 64bit OS for 3+ years now, and trust me - we're ***ALL*** clamoring about Flash....
  24. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Aw cmon, the practical difference between 32 bit and 64 bit flash is worlds away from, well, having flash and not having flash.

    You may really want 64 bit flash, but there isn't a huge chorus crying out for it.
  25. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Then you haven't looked around at the Adobe forums, almost every single 64-bit software forums, and other places as well....

    Those of us taking the plunge to 64bit, BTW, don't do it solely for access to >4 GB of RAM - there is a lot more to 64bit processing than just the amount of RAM it can access....

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