Root flashed recovery to...

Been out of a phone for a while I accidentally managed to flash my boot.img with my recovery.img (late night and in a hurry). So I figured I would just re flash it and all would be fine. Problem is it is stuck on the G'zOne logo won't go any further and continuously tries to re load every few seconds. I can't find it in adb. But if I hold the two volumes down I can get it to pop up on my computer for a few secs as wellbut stillcant find it adb at the time. Any advice? I have a new one coming from Verizon finally since the update I told them it happened trying to update. But would love to fix it if can.


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no luck with any key combinations. It did magically show up in adb devices for 4 secs once in two hours. I wasn't expecting it and i missed being able to send command to reboot to bootloader.