flashed wrong recovery image file


I accidentally flashed the wrong recovery image on my karbonn a4+ using mobileuncle tools . The phone is stuck in recovery mode and I am unable to make a selection in recovery. How can I flash the correct version of stock recovery. i cant factory reset in my phone. plz give a solution ......
or how to install cwm recovery mode on karbonn a4+ having mt6577 hardware


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First off, wlcome to the site :hello:

Now I am not at all familiar with your device or mobileuncle tools, but if you can use adb to look at your /system partition, IIRC, you should be able to find a file called something like "recovery-from-old.p". It will probably have been renamed by the use of mobileuncle.

Rename it by using a "mv" command in adb to the file I named above and that _might_ get you going.

good luck


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With your phone stuck in recovery, no. In fact, I doubt you can even charge your batttery while it's in recovery.

If you do choose to use adb the commands would be something like:

adb shell
adb -ls /system (then look for a file named similar to above)
abd mv /system/(file) /system/recovery-from-old.p

Wish I could be of more help. There a few guides around on how to set up adb the easy way, now is one time I wish I hadn't put my server to rest.