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Flashing a Cricket Moment back to Sprint?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Roman G., May 22, 2010.

  1. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation
    Thread Starter

    Can I take a Moment that is flashed to Cricket and flash it back to sprint.


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  2. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation
    Thread Starter

    Just did a little research and it seems most are just updating the PRL with a cricket PRL.
    Just wondering if I can just run the 2.1ruu and be good to go?

    The reason i want to do this is I can't find a moment anywhere, and a place in the mall has one for sale, but it's on cricket.
    I just sold my Hero and waiting for the evo and getting a moment for the wife.

  3. ragingbull2k2

    ragingbull2k2 Member

    I don't see why you couldn't flash the 2.1 update and be good to go... can't say for certain, though...

  4. ZanzDroid

    ZanzDroid Lurker

    No, you will need to reflash the PRL back to Sprint. I have a Moment on Cricket, and after using the Sprint tool to update the Moment to Android 2.1, my service on Cricket still works just fine, with no modification.

    So, I believe that if you want it to be on Sprint's network again, you will need to reflash a Sprint PRL. You might be able to do that through the update PRL command in settings, howver I haven't tried that, as I want it to stay on Cricket service.
  5. jasonamd

    jasonamd Member

    I don't think the PRL has anything to do with telling the phone which network is its home network. PRL is Primary Roaming List. This tells the phone which networks other than the main providors that it is allowed to use when roaming. It is not used when you are on the home network...
  6. alasfar1

    alasfar1 Lurker

    NO that doesn't work, once you put cricket PRL on the phone, it will be cricket whether you change it to home or automatic setting.

    To switch the prl from cricket to sprint is very easy, use qpst or cdma workshop, go to Corolada PRL Page to find the prl!

  7. Radical-J

    Radical-J Well-Known Member

    Yes it is very easy. Get your phone's MEID and Hex esn on Sprint--get signed up for sprint. Find your out what your MSL is. Should be 000000 if on cricket(if sprint tells you to do ##6digits# you will have to do ##000000# instead.
    Get QPST. Read phone. Save file(always good to have qpst settings backed up. Go to COrolada.com/prl and Get the Sprint EVDO 60650 prl load it in the Roam tab of Qpst. Change your cricket phone numbers to the Sprint phone numbers in the CDMA tab of QPST. Write to phone. After your phone reboots on your phone go to menu>settings>about phone>updates update prl. now in the dialer on your phone hit ##data# hit restore--this will reactivate your data services on sprint.

    You have to put the Sprint prl on your phone through cdma workshop or qpst. Than you could take it to a sprint store and they can flash it and sign you up for sprint service--but you will still have to do ##data# Restore to get internet working again...

    hope this helps
  8. blueox

    blueox Lurker

    I need help. I puchase a used Samsung Moment (Sprint) that was rooted. I was able to activate the phone partially the manual way. (Updated ph# and MSID). But my data wont work and the phone itself will not 'self activate'. I have flashed and re-flashed, unrooted and re-rooted. Wiped and did hard resets. The phone simply will not activate the DATA. Also the MSL is ##000000# and some of the other sprint codes do not work, i.e ##775# (PRL) and the original MSL. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I can try? Sprint already thinks the phone was 'modified' and thats why it wont connect. I am currently back to default settings with ECLAIR.D03
  9. meen318

    meen318 Newbie

    I got a used Moment that powers up and seems to work fine. It shows no siginal and Says "unknown" in the hardware version and hex / dec. Maybe because its noc activated?
  10. meen318

    meen318 Newbie

    How do you get CDMA Workshop to connect to the phone?
  11. tata09

    tata09 Lurker

    I have a moment on cricket and I have a problem if I do a factory reset will it un do my cricket flash? Bc somethin got mixed up were I can't receive txt msgs from some vip in my contacts ugh heeellllppppppppp <3 plz
  12. gumbyballz

    gumbyballz Newbie

    I would guess if its a partial it might delete it. If its full it shouldnt. I wouldnt think your flash would have anything to do with not recieving texts from certian numbers, its usually all. Can you text them ?????? If you know your msl i would try reprogramming it,maybe changing your msid. As far as I know cricket allows intercarrier messaging.
  13. craby1925

    craby1925 Newbie

    hye, i have a samsung moment i bought off ebay, and i want to know how to connect it to verizon, i am currently am trying to use an htc evo guide to connect it but im not sure if its right. can anyone, just post a simple step by step guide for this?
  14. Antwan_R

    Antwan_R Lurker

    i was wondering will my moment work with cricket, does everything work properly? like internet, mms?

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