Apr 13, 2011
Im currently using a rooted htc cdma desire on the ntelos network. Do not know if anyone else has this provider but i was wondering if theres a way to use a radio zip to help get me better signal and not 1 or 2 bars when im in my house and town?? Someone else i talked to said never to flash a ntelos radio zip it will mess it up i have no idea though.

Just wondering if anyone can verify this??
The simple answer is you can't flash a radio. There are no radios available for cdma desires. All the available radios you can find are for gsm and will BRICK your phone.

There is a way of extracting radios from cdma RUUs if you really have to but this is extremely advanced and no offense, but you're not at that level yet.

If your phone is up to date with your carriers build of android, you have the best radio anyway.