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Flashing an Indulge to work on Metro?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ickster, May 25, 2011.

  1. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I find myself in a peculiar position.
    Samsung gave me an Indulge.
    When I try to activate it, MetroPcs says it is "not in their system". Samsung assured me three times that Metro has assured them that it is....
    Samsung, as is typical, has left it at "any issues w/ activation is between you and the carrier".
    I have jumped through hoops with Metropcs over this. I left them as many here know to go to T mobile and the G2X. Which by the way is awesome!!
    But my son got my old Indulge and son in law got a new one purchased by me when the promised one wouldn't actvate. (Aren't I nice?) So at this point, I just want to sell this one and try to recoup what I spent on SIL's new one.
    I have a local store promising to get back to me on the flashing question and a letter was mailed to metro yesterday inquiring about adding it to their system once and for all.

    But the only answer I can get (from Metro!) at this point is that I can flash the phone at one of my local stores and it will work.
    Which is crazy!
    I'm hoping it will still work out with Metro, but I've talked to many people and am getting nowhere.
    Anyone know if this new Indulge will work fully if flashed to MetroPCS as they suggest? My thinking is that it will not retain all internet capabilities if flashed like this.
    Anyone interested in this phone? I'll sell it pretty cheap.It is new, with the sticker on it and numbered box but they didn't send me a battery and I gave the back cover to tiede. I wasn't going to bother with it, but have decided it does have value so I should pursue getting it right.
    Not sure what to do...

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  2. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Android Enthusiast

    Sell it on ebay or craigslist but explain the situation it's in
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  3. ciper

    ciper Android Enthusiast

    There is someone on Howardforums who is making an ESN checker for MetroPCS. I bet if you quickly summarized the situation he could check the MEID (from behind the battery) and see if its in the system or not.
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