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Flashing another region's ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Replay, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Replay

    Replay Newbie
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    I have my Desire phone for four days now and it is a love/hate relationship so far :D

    I live in Oman/ middle east and the desire is not yet launched for this region, so I got mine on ebay from a UK seller. it was unlocked but branded (Orange).
    I found out that Desire does not support Arabic :( other HTC models do.

    The desire will launch in this region very soon so I thought I will flash my phone with the ME rom when it is available. right? wrong!!
    The official support guy from HTC told me that my phone should have a S/N for UK region and it will not accept a rom from other regions!:eek:

    Is this true? Anyone tried a rom from other regions and it worked for him?
    Please lie to me :eek:

  2. bzaki

    bzaki Lurker

    Dear all,

    I have excatly the same question as I am going to buy HTC Desire from USA and operate it in Egypt. I would like to request from HTC to the Middle east ROM that supports arabic to use it in my phone.

    Is this possible either by straight or cracking way?


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