Nov 26, 2009
Ok, after reading lots of threads im a bit confused!!

I have a htc on orange and need it unlocking, the codes didnt work, so it seems changing the software on it is what i need to do..

can anybody send any links to instructions of exactly what to do using what software etc??

HELP lol
Hi Hazimax,

I came across this link while I was rooting my UK Orange HTC Hero.


Hope this helps.

You have have any problems with the rooting part, just ask. I've done it on my Orange Hero, and on my mates TMobile Hero.

Here's better guides for....
Downgrading: How To: Downgrade Your HTC Hero So It Can Be Rooted | The Unlockr
Flashing Recovery Image: How To: Root Your HTC Hero in One Click! | The Unlockr
Flashing New Rom: How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Hero | The Unlockr