Root Flashing ROM and Kernel for first time, quick app backup question


So I am about to try to flash my first ROM and kernel. I am following a youtube video guide. Will be going with Myn's warm twopointwo, and kings 11 kernel. My question is about backing up my apps. From what I gathered there's two ways of doing it, appbrain or titanium backup. I do have the paid version of titanium. Does appbrain just let you know what apps you had and then you have to reinstall them manually? Or does it install them for you. I've heard a few people have had problems when using Titanium on flashing a new rom/kernel. I know titanium saves your settings, but do either of these apps backup the actual data? Really the only thing I am concerned about is losing my progress on angry birds lmao.
Titanium is what you need to back up your data and angry birds progress, AppBrain won't do that. AppBrain is really just a simple way of manually reinstalling all of your apps, but it isn't nearly as easy as using Titanium. Titanium, back up all apps and data, then restore it once you have flashed your ROM.
Go to schedules and add a new schedule, then add the one that is called "backup all user apps + system data".

I thought this would save game progress? Or is that a nandroid backup that does that? I restored my data one time and kept my progress, but now I don't remember if that was on a new ROM after using Titanium or on a backup ROM.
Just to confirm, I wiped data and caches via ROM Manager when installing a new kernel, after running Titanium Backup, then rebooting, all of my Angry Birds progress was still in tact.