Root Flashing rom from Odin to unbrick phone


My Epic 4g Touch appears brick. I currently have SPH-D710_Zedomax_EpicTouchKernel-v3.tar kernel installed and cwd 5 something. Everything was working fine until I decided to flash the Starburst (revised stable) rom. Now my phone won't get past the intial boot screen that shows Samsung Galaxy 2 along with the exclamation mark.

Good news is that I can still get into download mode or recovery, but here are my issues:
I don't seemed to be able to flash any other rom from my SD card. Recovery complains that it is a bad file. My initial flash attemp was from a zip file stored on the phone.
I found a guide to flash using Odin from PC but this requires an MD5 file rom.

Can anyone help out here either with locations to MDF rom files for Epic 4 touch or a process I can use to unbrick my phone.
Just find a different recovery kernel that gives you root, cwm recovery has never worked for me. I believe there is one at acsyndicate. I had the exact same problem and I just used a different recovery which had no problem browsing either SD card, or flashing the files.