Root Flashing to a new ROM

So I just rooted and flashed to khaosfroyo last night and didn't realize that the camera didn't work until today. So now I want to flash to CELBFroyo1.9 but I am not sure what I need to do to flash that one.


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You need to boot into recovery, then wipe data/factory reset, then wipe dalvick cache, then flash the new rom the same way you flashed the old one. To get into recovery go to the market and download quick boot and select recovery.


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Let me google that for you

to wipe it out, reboot into recovery mode (like you did to get the current rom) and go to the Wipe menu, then wipe the cache and factory reset. Then go back and flash your new rom.

FYI more Froyo ROMS do not have the stock camera apps working. I'm on Tazz V6 on CM6 Froyo, its so far my favorite, but stock camera doesn't work, so I use Camera Magic for now. Not even Camera 360 works right now... grr!