Flickr integration loses geocoding?


I have been uploading my photos to Flickr using the built in Flickr integration. However, I notice that the geocoding does not get set in my Flickr account. When I browse the photos on my phone's card, the goecoding is in tact. Is this a limitation of Flickr or my Hero? Anyone else have this problem?


Noticed this but the only geocoded photos on the Hero, are taken in the Footprints app. Haven't tried uploading these to Flickr & you would have to upload manually or using Astro File Manager app (just noticed this in the app but not tried it yet).

Nope, Astrol FM loses the GeoCode data as well :-(


Not sure if this is something to do with those sites or the way the hero stores the gps co-ords but I transfered a gps tagged image to my pc and could clearly see the GPS data in the image properties but when I uploaded it to Picassa (from the pc) the gps data was not transfered.