Help Flickr site is overriding my chrome homepage


Android Question

Hi guys,

I m using android 5.1.1 (not rooted) and since a couple of weeks I think I have a daemon or a shit app who is overriding my chrome homepage, basically when I launch Chrome the homepage is either my normal homepage (wish is configured in the chrome settings) or flickr and I never set flickr as my homepage.
I really don't understand this and I would like to know if at least you know a tool helping to trace it and find what it the app doing this.
For a while I thought it was the Yahoo Aviate Launcher since Flickr belongs to Yahoo company, but I was wrong, after uninstalling it I still faced the same issue...


Yes I did that, uninstalled then reinstalled (clear data & cache), and same issue.. It's really a crasy stuff, I looked into managed app for any app where the name start by FL and nothing on that side as well.. I'm desperate..