Feb 23, 2018
Uppsala, Sweden
Hi, i am not sure if this issue is device specific or software specific or what. I have a Sony Xperia XZs with Oreo which works nicely for almost everything. I was sad to see the old Sony messaging app go, to be replaced by Google's "messages", which works okay but not as well as the one from Sony. Anyway, I always set my phone in Flight mode at night, to be undisturbed by calls or notifications, but there is a weird thing: Text messages don't come through, but other media messages such as when someone sends photos, do get through and cause a notification which is very disturbing. I tried turning on both flight mode and "do not disturb" but there is still a silent notification with a flashing light when the media message arrives. This is freaking me out. Does flight mode not work?? I always hav Wifi and 4G data turned off when I don't use them, so that shouldn't be causing any troubles either. I always thought that flight mode was supposed to really turn off all hardware connectivity, but it seems it is only turning off notifications (except media notifications apparently). This is really freakish.
Anyone any ideas?
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Strange issue, unless the messages are actually just unread notifications from before you engaged airplane mode.

There may be a hidden menu available on your device, called a System UI tuner, and on certain (not all) devices there are adjustments for the level of notification for each app.

Another solution may be to use the Do Not Disturb setting.

This can allow you much more control over all of your notifications- even to the point of putting them onto a schedule.

Start on the homescreen, and pull down from the top center to bring out the Quick Settings menu.

Find the settings gear wheel.

Press it and hold until it animates (spins), about 10 seconds.

If it spins, you will see a toast message that tells you that you have unlocked the System Tuner UI.

Go into your settings, and scroll untill you see System Tuner UI

Select it, and go through all the options to see what is there.

Some devices have a lot, some have very little, and there are many differences.
Here is a short video showing about what I stated above.

I have already activated the System Tuner UI, so my toast message is different.

I made a couple errors, but I think you can see how to find what I was talking about.

I also included a bit about the Priority Only / Do Not Disturb function.

I think that the combination of these settings should help keep your device from driving you nuts all night.

At least it did for me.

I actually leave my device in Priority Only/Do Not Disturb mode all the time, as I have allowed only the apps that I want notifications from in the ways that I have mentioned.