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Flytouch 3 - Android 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chockimon, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. chockimon

    chockimon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello :), I was about to buy a Flytouch 2 10" tablet on ebay, that's until I came across some news about the Flytouch 3, which sounds even better. I looked on Ebay, but it obviously isn't available yet. Does anyone know when this might be available to buy in the UK? and if so how much approximately will it cost?


    Flytouch 3 Pimp Slaps Zenithink 2 ZT-180 2 w/ Android 2.2, GPS
    Flytouch3 improves on success of the Flytouch2 by adding Android 2.2 (Froyo), larger 6400mah battery for 6 hours usage, better screen resolution, and will support Flash 10.1 in a month or so. What are the people at Zenithink 2 ZT-180 II going to do?

    Flytouch 3 Pimp Slaps Zenithink 2 ZT-180 2 w/ Android 2.2, GPS

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  2. holywar

    holywar Lurker

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  3. chockimon

    chockimon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info, but I decided to pay a bit more and go with the Advent Vega.
  4. lexusnext

    lexusnext Lurker

  5. projectpaki

    projectpaki Newbie

  6. lexusnext

    lexusnext Lurker

    no, the flytouch3 has built-in gps and appears to be a lot less than the zenithink2. Also, the battery appears to be larger (6400mah).

    From my understanding The flytouch3 is the same as the Superpad2 though.

    Anyone found a review for the Flytouch 3?
  7. SmileyAir

    SmileyAir Lurker

    I haven't seen much but the specs on the Flytouch 3 (Superpad 2). From my understanding though, the GPS is still not built in. It boasts what seems to be a better battery and matches the Zenithink RAM and Flash specs. You still get the 2 usb and 2 micro SD slots which is a plus.

    Can find any really good updated pics either. Wondering if the bump for the ethernet cable is still there.

    Waiting for a decent review, written or via youtube.
  8. lexusnext

    lexusnext Lurker

    I am pretty sure it is built-in GPS, and the external antenna is for better gps precision.

    I went ahead and bought the Flytouch3 w/ express shipping. Am waiting for China Grabber to send me my tracking number though. Hopefully, I will be one of the first to get tab so I can do the first review.
  9. projectpaki

    projectpaki Newbie

    cool , let me know how long it took for you to get it, and also if it is able to play flash videos
  10. lexusnext

    lexusnext Lurker

    It has a youtube video player built in. I asked ChinaGrabber and they said they said flash not supported.
  11. jckele

    jckele Lurker

    I ordered one on ebay from California. I'm in N.J. It is being shipped from Hong Kong. I've seen them on chinagrabber.com for $230 U.S. I hope to have mine this week. Chinese New Year has things backed up a bit.
  12. mutari

    mutari Member

    Still waiting for my Flytouch 3 to arrive. I can't seem to find any reference to headphone inputs.
  13. lexusnext

    lexusnext Lurker

  14. mutari

    mutari Member

  15. mutari

    mutari Member

    My Flytouch 3 watch:

    (Your item left HONG KONG AIR MAIL CENTRE, HONG KONG on February 19, 2011).

    Others who have the unit reported some problems in the Flytouch 3 Superpad 2. Thankfully I've also found solutions to those problems.
    I hope i get one without problems.
  16. wholcomb0001

    wholcomb0001 Newbie

    I recieved my Flytouch 3 a few days ago, it seems that the only upgrade from the flytouch 2 is android 2.2. It does have a headphone jack, but not the upgraded ram and internal 4 gb flash. How do I even know if it is android 2.2?
  17. wholcomb0001

    wholcomb0001 Newbie

    What problems are you talking about?
  18. mutari

    mutari Member

    I would think that it's not a true Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 without the things you mentioned.
    Where did you purchase yours from?
    Mine is coming from Chinagrabber/Pricedinchina.
  19. mutari

    mutari Member

    The battery charger seemed to be the most problematic and a few people had to replace the battery itself.
    (Here's a alternative replacement for the battery charger found at RadioShack .)

    Enercell 9VDC - 1500 mA
    Adapter "I"

    Be sure to get the correct polarity on the adapter (Important).
    I won't know what the correct polarity on the adapter will be until i receive my flytouch 3.

    Battery charger not charging: When the tablet is switched off, it will not charge. It must be running on to be charging. Also, doesn't update the battery status while in standby. Bring it out of standby and it looks like the battery is charging fast until the widget catches up to the actual charge... i.e. %2 increase every 5 seconds or so.

    Battery life not long: Install a apps killer, Turn off WiFi.

    There are more but i want to be sure I'm referring to Superpad 2 Mytouch 3. I have to go back and check my sources.
  20. cruxader

    cruxader Newbie

    Seems like identical behavior for my 2 FT2s. I already posted about this issue where the battery is actually charged but the measuring circuit seems to be F**Ked up.
    If you live the charger connect for too long (after the LED goes out), this phenomena will happen. It seems like the tablet needs to be ON for the battery monitoring circuit to work. Otherwise, it just either pretends nothing has happened/charged or worst still decides the battery is flat & refuses to power on!

    I solved the power on failure by the following method:
    1. Unplug the charger.
    2. Plug it back in. LED should lights up.
    3. Wait a couple of minutes.
    4. Turn on tablet.

    Anyway, I will not be getting the FT3. No flash 10.1 is a deal breaker for me...
  21. wholcomb0001

    wholcomb0001 Newbie

    I recieved my superpad 2 early last week after waiting on chinagrabber to get back from celebrating the chinese new year. I almost wish i had gone with the flytouch 2/superpad just for the reason that the roms have been improved and make the tablet actually operable. I have made this mistake before by purchasing the blackberry storm when it first came out as bb's first touchscreen device. Just as the storm, the touchscreen is slowwwwwww, and cannot keep up with the operations. The main reason i got this tablet was for the upgraded ram and not having to reboot every other 30 mins or having to run bare minimum just so i can somewhat operate one program. Because of how new the tablet is, there is no word on which roms work on the superpad 2. I dont want to brick the thing by trying either.
  22. wholcomb0001

    wholcomb0001 Newbie

    Also, Z4root will not work because of a non debugged usb setting that keeps on trying to get me to activate in the settings page that does not exhist.
  23. mutari

    mutari Member

    Are your only complaints is about upgrading the rom and slow screen?
    Are you satisfied with the unit?
    Could you list the Pro's and Cons of your Flytouch 3 superpad 2?

    I saw a rom android 3 (honeycomb) upgrade for the flytouch 3.
    when i get some time i'll double check.
  24. wholcomb0001

    wholcomb0001 Newbie

    Slow screen, weak microphone, weak speakers, and it is hard to find apps that are compatible because of froyo being a generic os. On skype you cannot have video calls using built in cam. I havent tested the gps yet. *CORRECTION* There is more ram added, im not sure why the settings only totaled 256, which i dwnld a memory app that had actual bytes of ram being used and available that totaled twice of 256. What are the other forums you are reading about the flytouch3? I def would be interested in the android 3 rom, which i am getting a usb to usb today to do a manual root. I am finished dealing with this phone and tab os.
  25. wholcomb0001

    wholcomb0001 Newbie

    Here are a few screenshots I have compiled the past few days messing with my flytouch 3:

    This is the application page of my flytouch 3, using the Infotm Home launcher that came with it (I am now using zeam home app)

    Android Market

    Android 2.2



    Memory Booster


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