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flytouch 3 wifi

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by beanboomba, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. beanboomba

    beanboomba Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just got this at noon, and do not think it is working correctly. I go under settings and try to check the check box to turn on wifi, but I can not. It is a flytouch 3, at least that is what it said at lightinthebox. Owners manual says MA1002 series. This is my first tablet, so I might be missing something simple. Any help is greatly apprecieated.

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  2. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Android Enthusiast

    That I'm afraid is your first mistake.

    Report it as faulty on receipt as soon as possible, like right now, and let them know it isn't working as advertised out of the box.

    DO NOT flash with any rom, do not upgrade with any rom, do not open up the FT, it should work 100% out of the box - it obviously isn't.

    Ask if you can return a faulty item for a refund, then see where that gets you. If you are not happy with their service, file a claim with paypal or your credit card company.
  3. dart16

    dart16 Android Enthusiast

    You could just check you have turned the wifi on with the physical switch on the top of the tablet first........it might just save you from two way shipping costs.

    The name Flytouch3 isn't registered to any maker or distributor so if the seller says it is a flytouch3 it IS a flytouch 3.....just not the model you were hoping for. If you look in menu/settings/About device for the model number (which could be a model name) people will be able to advise you what your options are....
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  4. beanboomba

    beanboomba Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That is what I thought. I already did contact customer support. Thanks!:)
  5. beanboomba

    beanboomba Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I will check to see if it has a switch. Hope that is all it is.
  6. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Android Enthusiast

    Tim has reported on apad that it is a fault in the stock firmware and it sounds like it will be fixable with a custom flash in the future. So if someone gets one just hold tight before flashing.
  7. beanboomba

    beanboomba Newbie
    Thread Starter

    IT was the switch on top of the tablet
  8. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Android Enthusiast

    Oh dear, a basic fundamental - but at least it is working.

    Seems I was a little too hasty, but there are loads of issues with the wifi recently that I assumed your issue was just another one of the same, not that the switch wasn't on. :p

    Just don't do any rom upgrades right now as that would kill the wifi once & for all.
  9. logs2lumber

    logs2lumber Lurker

    I have the same unit and from the same source. When I turned the unit on the WIFI was on but as I went through checking functionality of switches and settings the WIFI is not coming back on as confirmed by not being able to scan wireless networks. LB has sent me a link to download and reload the ROM. I have not had time to try this but would like to know if the upgrade process is quick, a couple of minutes or takes a long time. I have read numerous posting referring to Tim's firmware versions but no mention of time duration for uploading firmware.

    Any thoughts???
  10. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Android Enthusiast

    yeah most take just a few minutes.
  11. logs2lumber

    logs2lumber Lurker

    The file I downloaded from LB and unzipped contained 3 files which I placed at the root directory. The system acknowledges the flash card, updates the bootloader but it says that it failed formatting. Then it says that it is copying and stayed like this for over an hour. This does not seem to be correct. Any thoughts or advise on what to do?
  12. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Android Enthusiast

    Start over. I usually do not include the bootloader file but that shouldn;t effect anything since it came from the reseller and you assume they in turn got it from the manufacturer.

    if that doesn't work, there have been a few people complaining about problems with the internal sd. You would need to contact your reseller about getting permission to open the pad and use a PC based tool to check it/fix it. Or talk about a replacement.
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