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FM Radio here for A2107A-H

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Captainslarty, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Captainslarty

    Captainslarty Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Here is the missing FM Radio APP.
    Yes, the offline internal one that Lenovo removed

    Buy me a beer sometime :)

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  2. mkiv300

    mkiv300 Lurker

    Thanks for posting this.

    I sideloaded this onto my US (AT&T) -H, it installed fine but will throw the standard error ('Unfortunately, FM Radio has stopped') on start up and then intermittently while the app is running, and it doesn't seem to get reception or play radio.

    Do you know if this requires the European ROM or if it should works on the US version?
  3. noshmak

    noshmak Lurker

    This is not loading onn my tab Lenovo A2107 A-H says cannot open file. Please help
  4. mkiv300

    mkiv300 Lurker

    Do you have third-party app installation enabled? To do this, go to settings > security and make sure the box titled "Unknown sources - allow installation of non-Market apps" is ticked. Otherwise, you can only install apps downloaded from Google Play.

    I also answered my own question from earlier - the FM Radio drivers don't seem to be enabled on the US AT&T version, so this app won't work if you have the stock US version. Once I installed the European version, the FM Radio worked like a charm.
  5. G6AIW

    G6AIW Lurker

    Hey thanks for uploading this APP. I installed it onto my tablet and I can't understand why they removed it from the original build 'cos it works just fine.

    A criticism is that you can only save five favourite stations and that you can't directly enter the frequency for them. A search for stations only works up to 104Mhz so anything above that needs repeated presses of the up button to get to it. There is no internal antenna, so earphones are need to use this APP as they act as the aerial. Otherwise, hooray a working FM radio at last.
  6. Bhavin Chheda

    Bhavin Chheda Lurker

    God Bless..
    It worked ! just took a few seconds to townload the .apk and dats it. No rooting, no flashes, no mess..
    I had been behind this seaching for FM past 4 months. There was an original FM built-in when i bought the Tablet in Aug 2013, but some how it disappeared when I did OTA update in Sept 2013!!
    This FM works perfect even without headphones, works only on speaker as well and all other functions like auto scanning, favourites etc are also fine.
    Now m waiting for a Calling Feature with-in its dual sims :)
  7. Yatzek

    Yatzek Lurker

    Thanks a lot! Works perfectly with my A2107A-H! I like your help.
  8. sam_pon

    sam_pon Lurker

    thanks a lot man

    where we can find the stock roms for this model
  9. palak ariwala

    palak ariwala Lurker

    plz help me.this Fm radio not worked for my tab. it stoped

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