FM Radio options for the Bionic


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Not sure if this will interest you but you can download a FM radio app for the Bionic. This is the same app that the D3 can use. You'll need headsets because I believe it acts as the antenna.



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Works great for me. I listened to the radio this evening while I was mowing the lawn (about 90 minutes). It seemed to have little impact on the battery.


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Ok so a quick news read just now and i found out that our little DB has a radio inside it..

Now is this was already a known fact then i am sorry as i did not know. And i don't remember seeing a app for it.... Until now...

So i found the apk and loaded it up and it works fine.. You need head phones i guess for antennas.

Anyways i put the app in my Google docs.. You will also notice an app for the old News Weather Widget that we had on our old droids.

'''''Sorry i guess that one got by me""