Accessories FM Transmitter + Car Charger compatible with Captivate?


Nov 3, 2010
For documentation's sake, I'll do myself one better and post a review.

I picked up the gogroove flexsmart x2 from my local microcenter (a regional computer and electronics chain in the midwest) for $49.99 plus tax. First impressions:

The device looks good and the adjustable neck fits the profile of my car, but just barely. If you have deeply recessed power ports, this may not do the trick.

The audio quality is good if transmitting on bluetooth alone, but suffers somewhat when you plug the phone into power via the included microusb capable.

This interference is mitigated somewhat when you boost the volume on the phone and the unit (which has its own volume controls) all the way up, and adjust the volume on your car stereo down, accordingly.

One shortcoming I detect: it appears that the unit lacks a mic, so while it will pipe incoming calls to your stereo, I've had no luck so far using it to facilitate hands-free communication.

In the absence of superior alternatives, I guess it's worth the $$$.
I'm not familiar with those... Sorry but as an alternative I've been VERY happy with my MotoRokr T505 it connects via Bluetooth and then can transmit via FM to the Car Stereo. I found it for around $50 online at one point. The ONLY thing I don't like about the T505 is that if I go into a building it doesn't go with you. Conversely it works really well on a picnic table or on a kitchen counter so it works out in the end.

For car charging I picked up a micro-usb charger from Monoprice and again I've been very happy even though it wasn't "branded" for the Captivate.