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HI guys

Been using folder organizer since first getting my desire, top app. Going to get full version. Will I have to start from scratch setting up all folders again? Or will the full version upgrade the lite version?

Eris Ed

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@dan :D:D:D

@jay - the upgrade will add a few additional features, your existing settings and changes will remain.

@Me - 500th post, well done you handsome devil! :cool:


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Can't remember for sure if it overwrites the free app, I think it does. Don't remember having to delete it after I updated.

Cheers. Downloaded full last night. It doesnt over write it. There is an export in trial version. Imported all data into full. :)

There is a guide to the app on here somewhere (from memory, I think you started it) I cant find it though. Do you have a link for the thread?