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Folder/Storage info 101

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by romeo1976, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. romeo1976

    romeo1976 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi thought i start this thread to discuss about the folder structure in detail.

    Sure there will be obvious info for ppl to confirm and random stuff to know hopefully.

    Since i picked up my new HTC ONE X few wks back i've downloaded, installed and uninstalled alot of the stuff on the phone. So my memory storage is starting to look messy and hopefully this thread will help ppl understanding the locations and association to files and folders of our phone space.

    Feel free to correct/discuss any of these details or whatever you think belongs to this thread.
    I'll also update this main post as a recollective info board to the appropriate headings.

    Folders In general (taken from HTC official resources):

    [Music] - Media scanner classifies all media found here as user music.
    [Podcasts] - Media scanner classifies all media found here as a podcast.
    [Ringtones] - Media scanner classifies all media found here as a ringtone.
    [Alarms] - Media scanner classifies all media found here as an alarm sound.
    [Notifications] - Media scanner classifies all media found here as a notification sound.
    [Pictures] - All photos (excluding those taken with the camera).
    [Movies] - All movies (excluding those taken with the camcorder).
    [Download] - Miscellaneous downloads.

    In general if you USB to your phone, the directory of the in-build Memory drive shows up.
    (this is not the MAIN PARTITION where your Android OS goes, it stays hidden)


    in general when downloaded from Google Play it saves/installs straight to the PhoneDrive storage directly.
    You can actually go to Settings>Apps, and when click to an app, it will have an option to COPY the app to the phone (MAIN partition) storage if you want. Not sure what the best thing to do at this stage.

    Note that even if you've uninstalled an APP, the APP folders and files still remains in your storage as it contains the setup files. The App is uninstalled/removed from the phone system but the setup files is still there and you can always re-install it later on?


    PHOTOS taken from the generic camera function

    when you take a photo using the camera function that comes with the phone, the system creates a folder called 100MEDIA under the DCIM folder and store all photos there.


    When you take a screenshot (press and hold both Power + Volume Down Button), the system will create a folder called Screenshots inside a folder call Pictures, and store all screenshot photos there.

    GALLERY for viewing your photos
    -this info is really good to know for organizing your photos, as it can also work better with other app access' to your album such as 'photo album' widgets and or personalizing your wallpaper etc.
    [ interesting link to read/digest about this: http://androidforums.com/incredible-support-troubleshooting/72921-make-new-photo-album.html ]

    what folders does gallery scans for???
    Heres what i found so far.

    The gallery will alway have a folder called 'CAMERA SHOTS'.
    And this folder actually shows ALL photos in PhoneDrive\DCIM.
    It doesnt matter if you have a folder within DCIM, it'll just appear collectively under CAMERA SHOTS, and wont show u the hierarchy of the folder list.

    how to organise your gallery folders??
    if you place any folder under the PhoneDrive\PICTURES, it will show up as a folder itself in gallery!! BINGO!

    MUSIC to listen from the stock Music App

    you can copy any mp3 or music files to this folder and the stock music player will recongise it and have all your song and details to play.

    Music PLAYLIST


    I still havent found the location that if i created a playlist via the stock Music player, where it goes?


    This is the folder to put your specific ringtone files, lengthy ones. there is another folder for shorter ringtones for sms and quick alert sounds - see below.

    Whatever you put in here it will get picked up by the system and when you go to your ringtone option function, these will also show up in the list.

    short alert sounds / sms sounds / 'Notification'

    This is the folder to put all your short alert sounds for sms/icq/msn/skype notifications. And these will show up in the selection lists associate with notification sound selections.

    *In general if you want to simplify things, you can just throw ALL your ringtones and alerts to the ringtone folder. i think it'll all show up at the sound selection list.

    Alarm sounds

    *In general if you want to simplify things, you can just throw ALL your ringtones and alerts to the ringtone folder. i think it'll all show up at the sound selection list.

    More to come

    Additional stuff:

    Formatting your PhoneDrive / storage

    Hope this helps! :)


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  2. romeo1976

    romeo1976 Member
    Thread Starter

  3. romeo1976

    romeo1976 Member
    Thread Starter

    bump just in case people missed this old thread, i believe it has many good info :)
  4. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Indeed. Good info. Thanks for the effort and for sharing. ;)

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