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FolderOrganizer: Amazing Organizer for your Apps!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by DroidGnome, Jun 8, 2010.

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    May 25, 2010

    May 25, 2010
    "So you've installed a few dozen apps, have lots of HTC Sense widgets, and have run out of space?"
    No problem!

    With FolderOrganizer (Formerly abcOrganizer) you can solve your Android clutter in no time.

    This app was designed with one purpose: To clean up and organize your Android Home Screen's clutter.

    Note: There are 3 flavors of this app: FolderOrganizer (paid), FolderOrganizer Lite (ad supported) and Apps Organizer (apps only free version) So, what can this app do? For starters you can organize your apps into categories (called Labels) , customize the actual app text and icon on your home screens, and even place applications into MULTIPLE categories. It can also allow you to create home

    So here's the basics:

    The basic idea is you take an item (App, Contact, Bookmark, or Shortcut) and tag it with a label, or multiple labels to indicate which category it belongs to. Then you go to your homescreen and place a SHORTCUT to the FolderOrganizer app, selecting the Label you wish to display. The result will be a folder-like icon which contains all the items you have tagged with the label.

    While this seems similar to Android's stock folder organization, it is actually not placing the app on your homepage and therefore isn't taking up as much memory or resouces as the standard folder mechanism. (Note: this is my personal opinion based on observation when comparing large amounts of folder contents vs this app).

    You can further customize the label by changing it's properties in the app. You can do things such as Change the Icon (Icon Packs are supported!), Change the text, or you can even place labels inside labels. You also have the ability to mark applications as 'favorites' or starred within the label so that you can easily toggle between a full view of the label or a smaller view with just your favorites.

    So how does this all work?

    First you can see from the shot below that there are five tabs across the top: Labels, Apps, Bookmarks, Contacts and Shortcuts. Here's what they do:


    The label tab is the main section of the app. All of your Applications, bookmarks, Contacts and shortcuts are organized into 'Labels', which you can define yourself (or utilize the pre-installed ones).

    Each label can be modified by pressing the down arrow on the right of the row (not shown in screen shot yet, trying to get a new one). This opens up the ability to edit the label's text, tag it with a label itself, determine if the layout should be a List view, or grid view, with or without text. You can also change the icon (using icon packs or default icons in Android), delete the label or view inside it to see what is tagged with that label.

    Clicking the LEFT arrow, expands the label to see what is inside. (You can manage the apps themselves here or on the App tab)

    The other four tabs (Apps, Bookmarks, Contacts and Shortcuts) all perform the same functions, but on different items in your phone: Each one has a similar drop-down arrow where you can perform the same actions: Tag with Label, Change Icon/Text Rename or even Uninstall.

    Once you've tagged your Items with various labels, you can then go to your home screen and place a SHORTCUT to either an item in FolderOrganizer (to quickly navigate back to one of the apps settings), or to a Label.

    When you select Label, it will ask you to choose which label and then place it on your desk, with the appropriate icon/text.

    Clicking the label brings up a box similar to below, showing you the contents of that label allowing you to launch the apps , open contacts, bookmarks etc.. as if the item was on your home screen. Clicking the big Star icon in the window will filter All vs Favorites only views.


    I've used it to create a "System" group to hold all my Android system apps such as background changers, ringtone managers, WiFi scanners etc.. Another for "Games", and even a label containing a list of my family members phone contacts for easy dialing.

    Overall this is a very powerful application that is worth the Dollar or so (US) if not much more.


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