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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by FollowMate, May 31, 2017.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I hope you are all doing well.
    We have recently launched our new android app called 'FollowMate'.
    FollowMate is a unique FREE application to share and view location of your contacts in real time. Its user friendly interface allows users to send follow requests to their contacts in real time over a geographical area. 

    Whether planning for a meeting at a crowded place or simply navigating to the desired destination, this application makes sharing and viewing of location in real time hassle free.

    Some unique features of the app are:
    SHARE LOCATION SAFELY. Your location sharing can be either turned off automatically at pre-defined expiry date and time, or by yourself at any time;QUICK CALLING: Call any user on active sprint, simply by clicking on their names on the interactive map;USERS IN CONTROL OF SPRINT: Flexibility to manually unfollow at any time by all users;
    Simple app terms Sprint – Any active follow me or follow other requests.
    Please try it out and give feedback. Your feedback is very important!
    You can download app from google play
    Please visit our website for more info www.followmate.com.au

    Thank you!

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