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fone finally rooted :3 help is here new users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Empath, Sep 18, 2011.

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    it took me at least at least a whole day to figure out a way to get my phone rooted and funny thing is the method that worked was the last one i tried which was the gingerbreak app --,-- all this time i thought gingerbread and gingerbreak were the same thing lol

    so im going to quickly explain what i think is the quickest way to root your x10 from pc. i think eveyone agrees when i say rooting comes before doing anything else. once you have got rooting out of the way youll be able to use those handy apps that require rooting and increase your phones capability.

    if you havent upgraded to 2.3 yet
    >Sony PC Suite
    Sony Ericsson PC Suite - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com
    >SEUS ( sony ericson update service )
    P1i - Update Service - Downloads - Mobile phones - Support - Sony Ericsson

    it was actually seus that upgraded my phone to 2.3 but i think you need pc suite to run it anyway. not sure tho
    read the quote below if your phone has frozen during the update
    "i couldnt turn the phone on or off when it was frozen, it would just show the sony ericsson intro and stay like that whilst the battery was in, when sues asked me to insert usb and hold back, i had to remove the battery then place it back it in because the fone couldnt be read while it was on the frozen screen"

    next you need to download the flashing tool from here
    [TOOL] [UPDATE 14/08/2011] Flashtool version - xda-developers
    if you got the error that make the bottom half of your screen yellow when you turn your phone on..this is what you need to use to flash your old/new files to replace the current which probably causes the error. Remember generic codes (ftf file) are the files you flash your phone with and can only be opened in the firmware folder located the flashtools directory. its up to you which code you use, they are listed and available for download in the flashtool link above... i used wolfbreaks ftf file

    now that the errors are gone. download gingerbreak from the xda site
    [App] [26.04.2011][v1.2] GingerBreak APK (root for GingerBread) - xda-developers
    at the end of the flashing process click on apk installer on the flashtool and open the directory hat has the gingerbreak.apk file. note that all apk files in the chosen folder will be installed, but of all the app installers on pc the flashtool worked the best for me..

    im a noob btw if your looking for a more technical detailed method...im sure the seniors will help ya

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  3. Empath

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    yeah i was kind of all over the place lol but ive just got the hang of it now....any1 watching this thread forget everything i said up top and click on the link 916x10 provided...waay easier to understand and follow, guaranteed to work on all x10s
  4. 916x10

    916x10 Android Enthusiast

    It's the method I used when I was a scared noob, worried about bricking his phone, but still wanted all the benefits of rooting. If I can do it, you can do it!

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