For Android App Developers!


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Their is a reason why im asking my wonderful app developers who are very skilled when it comes to building android apps, this question involves a app called "Phlokk" ill be posting about it later but the major question is:

In what time frame it takes to typically build a fully working application just like tiktok?

For those who are interested, Tik tok 200 days to build a fully featured app and overtime it got better with updates for the core experience this was made less then a year.

What do you think it would be a unacceptable time frame that any app would take to develop the first stable build to be released to the public?

So here is an example tik tok took 200 days to build their own stable app and release it to the public for free.

If another app similar to tik tok was going to do a similar approach to tik tok but has their own design but same concept that tik tok currently has in place how long should they be expected to release their app if they went the same steady pace as tik tok did with other volunteered developers to assist building the app?